The fashion industry alone makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions.

Reduce waste sent to the landfill

An equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes are burned or dumped into a landfill every second.

  • Approximately 4 litres of water is used to produce a single shoe.
  • About 1.49 kg CO2 emitted per shoe, which is equivalent to driving 8 km.

Reduce your water usage

Fashion is the second-largest water-consuming industry worldwideit takes on average 700 gallons of water to produce one cotton shirt — that is enough water for one person to drink at least eight cups per day for three years.

Reduce the amount of water pollution

It’s estimated that about 500,000 tons of microfibers are put into the ocean every year from washing clothes. That is the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles.


Reduce Deadstock with Data

Leveraging advanced analytics provides brands and retailers highly detailed market intelligence
to make the right decisions on planning, designing, buying, and selling.


Granular inventory analysis

Businesses can predict product demand months before, drilling down your inventory
SKU level by color and size.

Understand customer demand

Dig into consumer behavior, competition, and emerging trends to understand today’s new customer — the digital native.


Optimize your inventory

Minimize deadstock by producing less items upfront, thereby drastically reducing your carbon footprint.

Lead sustainably

Build a cleaner world with data-driven decisions,
fit for a new retail landscape.

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