Next-Generation Investment Platform for a New Generation of Investors

Chain of Demand is the first multi-asset investment analytics platform to empower individual investors with professional-grade quantitative analytics and investment opportunities.

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Levelling the playing field for high growth investments

Powered by our professional-grade AI tools, datasets, and community of experts, we offer high-growth and risk-managed investment opportunities at a fraction of the cost.

Returns Comparison (April to June 2022)

Superior returns with Chain of Demand

Through implementing our proprietary technology and alternative datasets, a predictive strategy trading FTM was able to outperform other major assets - netting over a 20% return.

No-code, AI-generated signals and strategies

Gain access to new-age datasets and institutional grade AI analytics to create tailor-made trading strategies and execute through your own trading account - all without writing a single line of code.

Multi-asset investment vaults

Created with the modern investor in mind, easily invest in multi-asset, risk-managed quantitative strategies and track performance in real-time. All in one platform.

Extra income with minimal commitment

Earn commission and additional income from vetted and proven strategies while retaining liquidity with our flexible lock-up periods

Specialists in alternative data for alternative investments

Alternative Datasets

We process millions of data points every week from news, social media, and financial data sources across multiple markets and languages

AI Automation

Our proprietary AI, co-developed with Carnegie Mellon University captures, cleans, and transforms unstructured data into actionable insights

Natural Language Processing

Through 4 years of R&D, our NLP models analyzes millions of social media posts and news articles to quantify market sentiments

How it Works

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